Jill Kaplan, MFT

Depth Psychotherapy

Unresolved and unconscious issues can affect our well-being and inhibit our enjoyment of our relationships and our life. A course of psychotherapy may be sought because of specific life issues, such as marriage, change in family circumstances, relationship issues, birth, death, or job changes, or because of long-standing issues which are getting in our way. The labyrinth is an apt symbol of the process of depth psychotherapy – a journey inwards, an experience of unraveling and going through the threads of our life. Taking this journey in the context of a relationship with someone who can witness and mirror where you have been and where you are now can bring you into a fuller relationship with your true self.

The Labyrinth

The symbolism of the labyrinth is...the return to the Centre...attaining realization after ordeals, trials and testing...the journey of life through the difficulties and illusions of the world to the centre as enlightenment or heaven...a knot to be untied.

— J.C. Cooper, An Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Traditional Symbols